Passengers on the ill-fated Ruby Princess have received yet another bombshell notification from NSW Health after a crew member was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

The man was on the same voyage at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak that has led to 22 deaths and contributed to 400 cases of the disease across Australia.

A panel of tuberculosis experts met Friday (May 29) after the crew member was diagnosed, and decided that passengers on the cruise had a “very low risk of infection”.

NSW Health Assistant Director of Communicable Diseases Christine Selvey, has written to passengers who travelled on the Ruby Princess between March 8 and 19.

A passenger from Sydney, who contracted COVID-19 on that voyage and who is still battling the disease, has shared that letter with Central News.

The letter advises passengers that they do not need to take any further action at this time.

It reads: “there is no reason to believe you are at increased risk of contracting tuberculosis from being on the cruise ship. You do not need to take any action as a result of this information, and you do not need to be screened at this time. However, we want to let you know of the situation to allay any concerns.”

The crew member meanwhile, is being treated at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

— Tony Ambrogetti @toniambrogetti