In May 2020, 100 journalism students from five universities in Germany, Romania, the UK, Kyrgyzstan and Australia collaborated in lockdown to produce a range of solution-focused stories about COVID-19.

Working in pairs, the students adopted a "constructive journalism" frame to produce evidence-based reporting on the strategies and measures being implemented in their home countries to battle the global pandemic – and initiate the long road to recovery.

These are the stories of their Global Journalism Collaboration Project


Daily wage worker Ahmad Ali Solangi: “We have bigger problems than coronavirus, such as hunger". (Photo: Sehar Naz Janani)

Reporter Maria Ceban stands with Doctors fighting COVID-19, at Moldova’s Infectious Diseases Hospital Toma Ciorbă in Chișinău, (Photo: Maria Ceban)

Corona [virus] is here (Photo: Elena Garcia Araujo)

Vet Patricia Carnovale examines Cleo the beagle, as her owner, Mark, watches on. (Photo: Briannah Devlin)

Traditional red-dyed Easter eggs and fruit at the Church of Sălard. Greek Orthodox priests were allowed to deliver the traditional gifts to local worshippers. (Photo: Diana Dogaru)