Central News is a multi-platform news service based at the University of Technology Sydney. It is where journalism students put theory into practice by producing text, audio and video stories ranging from breaking news to interactive features.

The site is the current recipient of the JERAA ‘Publication of the Year’ award for student news websites, which it has won three times in the past five years. Its reporters won the Walkley Awards’ ‘Student Journalist of the Year’ prize in 2021 and 2022 and have been honoured in the NSW Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards and Democracy’s Watchdogs Award, as well as being nominated in the Kennedy Awards.

Stories published on Central News are open source and can be reproduced on other websites provided the author is credited, a link to the original story is included and the text is not altered.

Editor and publisher Martin Newman.

Contact: martin.newman@uts.edu.au