The final word.

In this wrap video of the strike from Madeleine Achenza and Georgia Robinson, it’s the marchers who’ve waited decades for action on climate change, who probably have the best advice for the Morrison Government.

Take a look.

4pm: Some say as many as 80,000 are taking part – although NSW Police have the number at 50,000.

All are demanding action on climate change.

Olivana Smith-Lathouris is at Hyde Park.

3pm: Sydney’s march moved from the University of Sydney; to Notre Dame; to UTS; on to The Domain and has now wound its way back up to Hyde Park.

2pm: Sydney climate strikers have blocked Macquarie Street as they continue their march from The Domain, past Parliament House and on their way to Hyde Park.

1:30pm: “I really want to show my daughter that it’s important to use our voice” – a mother is among the many people who’ve told reporters Travis Radford and Henry McGilchrist, why they’re marching.

12:30pm: John Ferguson is reporting for both Central News and our partner website, The Junction. He’s at The Domain in Sydney where thousands have gathered.

Young and old; some in school uniforms; some who’ve taken time off university and work – all calling for the Morrison Government to take action on climate change.

12:00pm: Marchers are still making their way to The Domain in central Sydney.

Amaani Siddeek has this update.

11:00am AEST: University of Sydney students have joined UTS on their march towards The Domain.

UTS was the first university to declare a climate emergency, as Kate Atkinson reports.

10:50am AEST: University and High School students across Australia are taking to the streets right now, to march for their future.

They’re joining a global movement demanding governments take action on climate change.

Sara Amir spoke to some of those gathered outside the University of Technology Sydney.

Sydney is among more than 4000 cities around the world to host marches. Global time zones mean it is also one of the first.

Journalism students from the University of Technology Sydney are covering the #ClimateStrike LIVE – you can follow their reports here.

– The Central News team @CentralNewsUTS