Kuwaiti medical professionals who volunteered in besieged hospitals in Gaza have spoken of the utter devastation and suffering they witnessed.

“It’s time to wake-up, time to see the truth, time to see what’s happening,” said dentist Mohammad Al Safy.

“What’s happening at the moment in Gaza is a genocide, it’s not war. I don’t believe in saying ‘war’ — it’s really, really a genocide.”

Last month the Israeli Defense Forces dropped leaflets on Palestinians in Rafah telling them to evacuate immediately. As well as Palestinians, foreign aid workers and doctors from across the globe had to evacuate.

The Kuwaiti delegation of doctors was the last to leave Rafah before the IDF closed off and took control of the Rafah border.

Kuwait doctor Al Safy spent two weeks in Gaza as part of the team and said hours after the leaflets were dropped, bombs followed.

“There were people with us there that live in Khan Yunis they could not recognise which street this is,” he said.

She asked one of the doctors is there a possibility ‘you could put my arm back on’.

He recounted the story of Sumaya, an 11-year-old girl who had her arm blown off in an Israeli attack.

“She asked one of the doctors is there a possibility you could put my arm back on,” he said. “I don’t know how they are operating, but they are relying on whomever is coming.”

Dr Mohammed Alkandari, another Kuwaiti doctor who was in Gaza, said hospitals had been ruined by the IDF.

“They destroyed all the hospital equipment, there are no rooms, and no operating rooms either,” he said of Al Nasser Hospital, where he worked.

Dr Al Safy said the experience changed his point of view, and he was less materialistic.

“Now to me it’s what can I do to add to other people, to add to earth,” he said.

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Main image of Dr Mohammad Al Safy by Mohamad Youssef.