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Abha Haval, Alana su-Navratil, Bethany Alvaro, Christopher Lo, Christine Lee, Erin Hee, Jess O’Bryan, Lauren Ivory, Lilas-Mae Njoo, Luis Soriano Cervantes, Michaela Cullen, Nick Newling, Pranav Harish, Rex Siu, Sammy Munk, Shaun Dourado, Tatiya Kuleechuay.

It’s election day in NSW as voters head to the polls to decide who will be the next leader of the state.

That’s all from us – Concluding NSW Votes 2023

Rex Siu & Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 11:00 pm

This post concludes our live blog for the state election 2023.

A special thanks to Jess O’Bryan for reporting from Labor HQ tonight! She brought us all the amazing live footage, photography and remarks from the newly elected NSW Premier and PM Anthony Albanese. 

We’ve witnessed a historic day for New South Wales.
People of the State have spoken, again.
A new government is formed. Change has happened.

As a student run newsroom in New South Wales, it has been also a memorable day for us at Central News – for the first time, we are live covering the election all-day long with numerous updates, with teams (on-site reporters, videographers, editors, live blog, social media) in seamless, real-time collaboration.

We would also like to pay tribute to our editor-in-chief, Lecturer Martin Newman for his mentorship and advice.

Minns makes his victory speech as Premier-elect

Rex Siu, Christine Lee, Abha Haval & Jess O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 10:37 pm

Premier-elect Chris Minns takes the stage at Labor HQ in front of an ecstatic crowd of supporters, officially claiming victory in the NSW state election. 

“Friends after 12 years in opposition the people of New South Wales have voted for a fresh start,” he says, thanking the Labor party faithful in the crowd.

“I thought it was going to be close but in the end we got there”.

Mr Minns also thanked Dominic Perrottet for his service to NSW. He commended the former Premier on the conduct of the campaign, which he called a “model of respect and civility.”

Minns continued, saying with confidence, “The team I lead is ready for the challenges … we will not let the people of this state down.”

He commended the NSW people for voting against unfair wages, against privatisation and for frontline workers like nurses, teachers, paramedics and police.

Albanese takes the stage at Labor HQ

Abha Haval – Saturday, March 25, 10:28 pm

Anthony Albanese welcomes Chris Minns as the new Premier for NSW.

“Friends tonight the people of New South Wales have come together to choose a better future”.

“I have had the very good fortune of knowing Chris for many, many years And what I know, without doubt, is that he embodies all that is best about the Australian Labor Party”.

Perrottet’s last words as Premier

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 9:46 pm

At the Liberal HQ, Perrottet says his last words as Premier of NSW:

“But we as a party, we as a government should be very proud of what we have achieved together.

“I feel a profound sense of gratitude to have been able to serve the people of New South Wales.

“Make no mistake, we’ve made history of being in government for the longest time since our party was formed. And our government has achieved so much in so many ways. We’ve kept NSW strong, free and fair.”

Expressing fondness for his home, he continues: 

“Epping is the best.”

Importantly, Perrottet also accepts responsibility for the Liberal party’s loss, stepping down as Liberal leader.

“To everyone in the Liberal Party, I’d say this next period of time will not be easy, but it will be necessary.

It is a time to reflect. It is a time to rethink and ultimately to renew. To renew as leader of the parliamentary Liberal Party, I take full responsibility for the loss this evening. And as a result, I will be standing down as the parliamentary leader (jeers) of the Liberal Party. It’s very clear we need a fresh start for the Liberal Party.”

Labor wins key seats

Abha Haval – Saturday, March 25, 9:46 pm

The Labor party won four key seats including Coogee, Heathcote, Kogarah, Leppington.

Dominic Perrottet concedes

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 9:17 pm

An exclusive update from our reporter Jessica O’Bryan – Dominic Perrottet has called Labor leader Chris Minns to concede. 

Chris Minns is set to be the next NSW premier as Labor is projected to form a majority government. 

The Age reports of an empty Liberal HQ

Abha Haval – Saturday, March 25, 9:10 pm

Liberal party’s function was cut short as no MPs were present after Labour won the election.

The function was supposed to host a party of 300 which ended up to only 100 people. 

Empty Liberal HQ

Photo: James Brickwood/The Age

Cheer fill the Labor HQ as Minns takes the win

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 9:00 pm

NSW State Elections Come to a Close

Erin Hee – Saturday, March 25, 9:00 pm

Breaking: Labor achieves 47 seats, winning the 2023 NSW State Elections, ABC projects.

The energy at the Labor Victory Party is through the roof – no information on the Liberal HQ, we weren’t invited anyway.

Labor: 47 seats

Liberal: 26 seats

Chris Minns and PM heading to Labor HQ

Saturday, March 25, 8:40 pm

Labor leader Chris Minns was seen exiting his house and heading to the Labor’s election night function. 

Minns gave no response to reporters in spite of Labor likely gaining a majority, and him becoming the state’s next premier.

Minns will be joining PM Anthony Albanese on their way to Labor HQ in Sydney.

High Spirits at the Labor Victory Party

Erin Hee & Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 8:40 pm

Spirits are at an all-time high at the Labor victory party as people in red shirts gather to celebrate.

Legislative Council member Daniel Mookhey is all smiles as he says it’s a victory, though he is unsure if it’s a majority just yet, reports Jessica O’Bryan.

Antony Green has spoken: “Labor will form government.”

Erin Hee – Saturday, March 25, 8:44 pm

ABC Chief Election Analyst Antony Green has made his prediction.

“I’m calling it. It looks like Labor will form government.” 

So far Labor has won 45 seats, and will require 2 more to form a majority.

Newtown election issues

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25,  8:39 pm

Our reporter Shaun Dourado speaks with community members at Camdenville Public School. Video and reporting by Lauren Ivory, Chris Lo and Luis Cervantes.


Sydney’s Best Democracy Sausage

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 8:39 pm

Our reporter Lauren Ivory speaks with community members at Camdenville Public School about their famed democracy sausages. Video and reporting by Shaun Dourado, Chris Lo and Luis Cervantes. 


Electric Energy at Labor HQ: “Best news I’ve heard in months”

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 8:17 pm 

The Novotel is brimming with excitement, cheers, and chanting as more votes are counted.

Members of the Labor Party report feeling “absolutely fantastic” at the news, with one supporter saying it’s “the best thing I’ve heard in months.”

When asked about the swing towards Labor, Senior ALP Figure Eamonn Fitzpatrick said “You’d expect someone with a caliber of Chris Minns to be achieving a swing like that … [he’s] a fantastic leader.”

Epping: Perrottet is in trouble?

Rex Siu  – Saturday, March 25, 8:15 pm

Premier Dominic Perrottet was earlier indicated as significantly behind by an ABC projection, in Epping.

He has now bounced back with a slight edge – a 6.8% margin. 29.5% of votes have been counted.

Early excitement from Labor HQ, 20 seats ahead

Rex Siu & Jess O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 8:02 pm

The Labor Party is filling up the room with more folks, applause, and seats with growing confidence as more votes are counted.
Labor: 30 seats
Liberal: 9 seats

There is a strong chance the Labor will form the next NSW government.

The next premier spotted?

Rex Siu – Saturday, March 25, 7:28 pm

Earlier today, NSW Labor leader Chris Minns was with his wife, Anna, voting at Carlton South Public School.

Minns could be NSW’s next premier with ALP’s slight lead at the moment.

Labor: 14 seats
Liberal: 9 seats

14% of total ballots have been counted, and the winner needs 47 to form a state government.

All smiles at the Labor HQ

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 7:18 pm

Waves of Labor supporters are arriving at the Novotel wearing merchandise and bright smiles.

Labor Leader Chris Minns finally wins son Nicholas’ support

Erin Hee – Saturday, March 25, 6:39 pm

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the 12-year-old son of Labor leader Chris Minns, Nicholas, wants to put his “passing comment” in support of Perrottet in the past.

“He wanted to get fed tonight. He’s a hold out, I’m very glad he’s not of voting age yet because Kogarah’s on a knife edge,” says Minns.

Minns hopes that the Perrottet T-shirt Nicholas wore to bed will become a relic of the past by winning the NSW state elections after 12 years. 

Independent candidate Jacqui Scruby labels Liberal posters “undemocratic” 

Lilas-Mae Njoo – Saturday, March 25, 6:35 pm 

There is a high concentration of Independent candidates contesting seats on the North Shore. The Teals appeal to voters as an integrity-focussed alternative to the major parties, and they often prioritise environmental issues. 

Today, Independent candidate for Pittwater Jacqui Scruby has accused the Liberal party of “trying to deceive voters this election”, with their “You Can Just Vote One” posters. Optional preferential voting means that voters do not have to label every box on their ballot.

Independents often rely on a second place preference for a chance to win in safe seats, and so Scruby has labelled these posters as “undemocratic”. She has committed to prioritise the reinstatement of full preferential voting if she is elected.

Kogarah election issues

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 6:30 pm 

Nick Newling speaks with Nicole Chung and Tracy Yuen in the marginal seat of Kogarah. Video and reporting by Christine Lee, Erin Hee and Abha Haval.

Craig Chung endorses Perrottet

Alana Su-Navratil- Saturday, March 25, 6:30pm 

According to Sky News, Liberal Candidate for Kogarah, Craig Chung was asked how he has taken on his late seat selection since February, 

“Well I’ve been focussed on getting out there every single day and speaking to every voter about Dom Perrottet’s long term economic plan and that’s what people are thinking about. The real cost of living pressures has been on the tops of peoples

minds…I’ve been talking about how the Perrottet government been able to deliver great outcomes of infrastructure and front line services.”  

Labor and Liberal election functions 

Christine Lee – Saturday, March 25, 5:55 pm 

We’ll be bringing you live updates throughout the night as polls close at 6 pm and the counting begins. 

Our reporter Jess O’Bryan is now at the Labor party election function at the Novotel in Brighton Le Sands.

We’ll also be bringing the latest news from the Liberal HQ at Hilton in Sydney.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Polls close at 6 PM, and what happens next

Abha Haval – Saturday, March 25, 5:52 pm 

Voting booths close at 6 pm. Make sure to cast your votes if you haven’t.

As per the NSW Election Committee, counting will commence at 6 pm, and ends at 10:30 pm. Incomplete vote counts tonight will resume on Monday, 27 March.

Clash between Labor MP Kate Washington and One Nation candidate Mark Watson

Erin Hee & Lilas-Mae NJOO – Saturday, March 25, 5:07 pm 

Labor MP Kate Washington was filmed asking One Nation Candidate Mark Watson “Did you just call me a liar?” in a heated exchange between the two in the seat of Port Stephens.

Watson can be heard saying to a campaign staff member “She called me a liar when she can’t handle the truth.”

The reasons for this argument are unclear, and it came to an end only when Washington walked away.

Labor requests to take down Liberal posters 

Lilas-Mae NJOO – Saturday, March 25, 4:12 pm 

The Labor Party is requesting the NSW Electoral Commission take down Liberal Posters carrying the NSW government logo at Panania Public School in East Hills, which may be in violation of Subdivision 5 (d) of the Electoral Act 2017 (No 66).

The poster displays Liberal candidate Wendy Lindsay above a large NSW Government Logo. This is an “implicit reference” to the Government, possibly breaching the subdivision.

Source: NSW Legislation

Teachers demand change in government

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 3:45 pm 

The #MoreThanThanks campaign demands pay rises for hard-working teachers. Today, #MoreThanThanks volunteers have campaigned to overturn the Liberals, aiming to increase salaries and relieve teacher shortages. 

Primary school teacher Julia Mallen in the Parramatta Electorate says:

“We can’t survive four more years of this.”

Less than 3 hours left until the polls close

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 3:12 pm 

The countdown is on! Less than 3 hours remain to vote. Head to your local public school or community centre and have your say.

Parties’ stance on the Voice and a treaty 

Lilas-Mae NJOO – Saturday, March 25, 3:04 pm 

Whilst both the Coalition and the Labour party support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Perrotet told the ABC that “we don’t need a treaty”. Conversely, Minns’ web page claims that the Labour party will “commit $5 million to a 12-month consultation process with First Nations communities on a treaty process for New South Wales.”

Similarly, the Greens have identified the treaty as a “highlight” of their vision. 

With the Voice at the forefront of politics across Australia, the parties’ stance on Indigenous issues, such as treaties, may play a major role in the election outcome. 

Climate change policy needed “no matter who wins” 

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 2:21 pm 

Regardless of the election winner tonight, climate action policy is of great importance to both voters and parties alike. The Australian Parents for Climate Action details the stance of each party and urges the “need … [for] politics to play their part.”

Liberals: net zero by 2050

Labor: legislated net zero by 2050

Greens: net zero by 2035

Read more here: 

Chris Minns fighting for the Labor Party’s decade-long defeat

Alana Su- Navratil- Saturday, March 25, 2:17pm 

This morning, Chris Minns was interviewed by channel nine and displayed a humble attitude towards his opposition leader, Premier Dominic Perrottet. 

He says, “the premier and myself like each other…there is a common respect there…I am hoping it becomes a feature of NSW politics and Australian politics… you don’t have to take the low road…I don’t think we want to go down that American-style democracy where there’s a fight to the bitter end”.  

Chris Minns says he’s hopeful and he’s going into this election with a “hungry but humble philosophy”. 

Minns comments on the need for change and new perspectives in NSW, “if we have the same policies for the last four years, we’ll have the same results for the next four years and what people in NSW need is change”.  

He says, “Vote for Change”.

Early voting numbers updated now –  more than 1.5 million voters in NSW have cast ballots

Lilas-Mae NJOO – Saturday, March 25, 2:06 pm 

NSW Electoral Commission states tha there were 1,566,493 and 127,653 postal votes returned.

More info:


‘Renting’ Greens candidate knows property crisis

Jessica O’Bryan  – Saturday, March 25, 1:48 pm 

Greens candidate for Ryde, Sophie Edington, outlines the Greens’ focus on “issues like affordable housing and climate change” which are of particular concern to “younger generation votes.”

Read the full article by Michaela Cullen and Luis Cervantes and more about the Green’s policies here:

Peter Dutton’s Absence from the liberal campaign trail 

Alana Su-Navratil – Saturday, March 25, 1:48 pm 

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet argues that he doesn’t need a wingman when it comes to campaigning. This comes along after he was questioned by reporters about Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s absence throughout the NSW State election campaign. 

He says, “This is an election about NSW”.

Dalton denies disruption of National Party posters

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 1:45pm

Helen Dalton, Shooting Fishers and Farmers Party MP, videoed after taking down National party posters outside Griffith Public school. 

The Murray electorate candidate was referred to as, “harassing” the NSW Nationals Volunteers and denied having removed the corflute from the fence.  The posters were advocating for Peta Betts, the NSW nationals candidate, who is a major candidate for the seat. Dalton and Betts are already on bad footing after the recent allegations of Betts not consenting to a live stream debate. 

Albanese: “I like both of them”

Jessica O’Bryan – Saturday, March 25, 1:40 pm

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese offered little criticism towards current Premier Dominic Perrottet, saying he liked both leaders and they were both “very good people.” 

The PM instead criticised the Liberal Party, which Perrottet leads, commenting they “are too busy fighting each other … to actually fight for the people.” Affirming Labor’s calls for a ‘fresh start’, Albanese concluded, “New South Wales needs a change of government.”

Chris Minns votes 

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 1:12 pm

The Kogarah MP is pictured enjoying a democracy sausage after placing his vote at Narwee Public School. 

Sophie Edington addresses Ryde with a hot take

Rex Siu – Saturday, March 25, 12:52 pm

The Greens’ candidate for Ryde, Sophie Edington, talks to CN reporters Luis Cervantes and Michaela Cullen about the issues in her electorate.

She said on public transport:

‘We want to make public transport free, which sounds very ambitious, but…you know, public transport shouldn’t actually make a profit.”

Scott Morrison campaigns in the Shire

Pranav Harish  – Saturday, March 25, 12:53pm

Scott Morrison is out in the Shire lending his support to Cronulla MP Mark Speakman and the Member for Miranda Eleni Patinos. 

The former PM uploaded a picture with the two MPs to his Instagram Page

He has been one of the few major Liberal Party figures that have been spotted campaigning for local liberal candidates on election day so far. 

A Sizzling Sausage Joke on Perrottet 

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 12:35 pm

In the Coogee electorate, voters can enjoy a sausage roll at Waverly Public School and have the option of paying $15 to skip the queue with a ‘Minns-meat sausage with Perrottet 000 sauce.” This is a subtle dig at recent allegations of preferential ambulance treatment for Premier Perrottet’s wife last month.

Voting messages in East Hills

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25, 12:44 pm

There’s been plenty of action in East Hills to kick of the first part of election day.

Our reporter Nick Newling was down there and it seems there’s plenty of voting messages that have been put up as both parties scramble to win the marginal seat.

Minns yet to cast his vote

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25, 12:29 pm

Labor leader Chris Minns is set to arrive at Carlton Public School to cast his vote.

He is the sitting member for Kogarah which is being contested by Liberal candidate Craig Chung

Premier Dominic Perrottet cast his vote earlier this morning.


Mr Perrottet said earlier in the final week of campaigning that he was confident that Mr. Chung could win the seat.

Tight race predicted as both parties campaign for marginal seats

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25, 12:26 pm

Both parties are vying for a swing in their favour across several marginal seats that will decide this year’s state election. 

Here are just a few: 

East Hills

The Liberals hold the seat of East Hills by a 0.1 per cent margin through their candidate Wendy Lindsay. 

Labor has failed to win the seat in the last two state elections, which the Liberals have held onto since 2011. 

Labor’s’ candidate for the seat is Kylie Wilkinson who like her opponent is a local resident of the area. 


Penrith has been held by the Liberals since the 2010 by-election. 

The seat is currently held by former deputy liberal leader Stuart Ayers on a slim 0.6  per-cent margin. 

The Premier was out campaigning in the electorate during the backend of the final week of campaigning. 

But Labor has dialled up it’s efforts to woo voters with Anthony Albanese making an appearance with Labor’s candidate Karen McKeown  yesterday who is contesting the seat. 


Labor leader Chris Minns is the sitting member for the seat of Kogarah but the electorate could become a major power play for both sides. 

Mr Minns currently holds the seat by just 0.1 per cent after a massive 5 per cent swing against him in the last state election in 2019. 

The Liberals have chosen to run the former City of Sydney Councillor Craig Chung to contest the seat. 

PM has cast his vote

Rex Siu – Saturday, March 25, 12:19 pm

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has voted for Chris Minns for a “fresh start” in NSW.


More Federal Labor leaders are out campaigning 

Pranav Harish – Saturday March 25, 11:58am

Federal labor leaders have made their presence felt at various NSW labour campaigns.

The latest – Deputy Labour leader Tanya Plibersek who is out supporting Labour’s candidate for Sydney Skye Tito.

PM Anthony Albanese stopped by at in the seat of Ryde where he has been out campaigning in the marginal seat.

Voting Advice in East Hills

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 11:22am

In the marginal seat of East Hills, Liberal posters layer the boundaries of the Padstow Park Public school with recommendations of “you can just vote 1.” Conversely, the Labor Party asking voters to “number every square.”

Democracy’s Sausage Menu

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 11:22am

Camdenville residents can enjoy a democracy sausage after they have cast their votes at the local public school. A special feature on the menu being the Cost of Living sausage, a sausage on a roll (no extra), as well as the Pauline [Hanson], a simple plain white roll. 

Polls taking place at Camdenville Public School

Sam Munk – Saturday, March 25, 11:20 am

Labor and Greens posters all around the school. The Greens hold the Newtown electorate as a safe seat. Kenny Leong, the Greens candidate, claims to ”Cut rents and unfair evictions.” 

Photo: Shaun Dourado

CN reporters are out and about speaking to voters

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25 11:16am

Our reporters are on the ground at various polling booths across Sydney, speaking to voters.

Reporter Nick Newling is at Kogarah, where Chris Minns posters have been put up.

Albanese speaks to the media

Pranav Harish – Saturday March 25 11:06am

Anthony Albanese has addressed the media where he currently campaigning in the seat of Ryde

Here’s some of what he had to say:

“NSW needs a change of government,” he said. 

“Ryde is one of the key seats Chris Minns needs to form government tonight”

He also took aim at Dominic Perrottet, saying his government won’t take New South Wales forward.

“The government he leads is in shambles. It’s too busy fighting each other”. 

“We can’t afford any more privatisation in NSW”. 

“It’s time for a change of government and I hope that happens today”. 

Support comes in for Minns from North of the Border

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25 10:58am 

Queensland Deputy Leader Steven Marles has taken to social media to get behind Chris Minns.

He took to Twitter to get behind the Labour Leader…

PM campaigns in Sydney’s northwest

Pranav Harish –  Saturday, March 25 – 10:53am

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has cast his vote at West Ryde public school in the northwest of  Sydney.

Lyndal Howison is Labour’s candidate for Ryde running in the electorate.

Federal member for Bennelong Jarome Laxale is also out in the seat campaigning with the PM.

Perrottet makes his way to the key election battleground of East Hills

Pranav Harish – Saturday March 25 – 10:46am

The Premier is now in East Hills campaigning in the marginal seat.

The Liberals hold the seat on a very small margin of 0.1 per cent.

The seat is one of several marginal seats across the state that is critical for both parties to win if they are to go on to form government.

Labor posters focus on leader

Rex Siu – Saturday, March 25 10:35 am

Chris Minns’ posters are all around Carlton Public School in Kogarah, NSW.

Photo: Abha Haval

Minns tells voters it’s time for Change

Pranav Harish – Saturday  March 25 10:35am

Chris Minns held a press conference in the seat of Oatley a short time ago.

He’s urged voters to give his government ago, once again saying that his party “has a positive plan for change”

“A lot of people have been saying to me at the [polling] booths that we want to give you guys ago”.

He also outlined several funding commitments for regional NSW.

“We got a 650 million dollar emergency roads package for regional NSW. Some of the roads in regional NSW are a mess” he said. 

He also said that up to 500 paramedics must also be recruited in regional NSW.

Newspoll predicts a majority Labor win

Pranav Harish  – Saturday March 25 10:01 am

The Australian newspaper has released its latest Newspoll into the state election with the results predicting a majority victory for Labor.

Polling shows a 54.5 to 44.5 two-party preferred result in favour of Labor.

The Poll also shows a three-point lift in popular support for Labor with the results indicating a 38-35 primary vote lead; enough for a Labor victory.

Minns kicks off election day in East Hills

Pranav Harish – Saturday Marc 25 9:53 am 

Meanwhile, Chris Minns is in the marginal seat of East Hills in Sydney’s southwest.

Mr Minns is campaigning in the seat with Labor candidate Kylie Wilkinson and has been handing out how-to-vote cards outside of Panania Public School.

The Liberals hold the seat through MP Wendy Lindsay on a wafer-thin 0.1 per cent margin

Premier casts his vote

Pranav Harish – Saturday, 25 March  9:48am

Dominic Perrottet has cast his vote at Beecroft Public School.

“It’s a privilege to be the premier of the best state in the country,” he said shortly before voting.

Perrottet focused on getting the job done

Pranav Harish – Saturday March 25 9:35 am

Meanwhile, Premier Dominic Perrottet says he’s not thinking about losing the election.

He told The Weekend Today show on Channel 9 that he’s focused on retaining his position as head of state in NSW.

“I’m focused on winning for the great people of NSW because I know there’s a lot at stake here,” he said.

He said his government is committed to growing the NSW economy which, under his plan, would create 100,000 jobs in Western Sydney.

He also reiterated his government’s robust plan for the state’s infrastructure with the construction of five new motorways over the next five years.

Minns wants a Labor majority

Pranav Harish – Saturday, March 25  9:15 am

Labour leader Chris Minns says declared that his government wants to form a majority government.

Mr Minns told Channel 9’s The Weekend Today show that he’s not interested in doing deals with the crossbench.

“we’re not interested in doing deals with crossbenchers, particularly before anyone has been elected into the New South Wales Legislative assembly,” he said.

He also said that his government would need to win the seat of Kograh if they were to win today’s election.

Polls indicate a close race

Shaun Dourado – Thursday 24 March

Haven’t picked a voting centre yet? Well, the NSW Electoral Commission Website has you covered. The address lookup tool is a useful resource to help find a centre near you. It also provides voters with important details such as wheelchair accessibility.

Polls will be open from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday, March 25. The voting centres are hosted at community centres, schools, town halls, churches and more across the state.

Looking to grab a democracy sausage as well? Look no further – have taken on the task to inform you where to get your sausage sizzle or tasty baked good this Saturday.

Perrottet’s under the heat of Minns

Alana Su-Navratil, Christine Lee – Thur 23 March

Premier Dominic Perrottet and Opposition leader Chris Minns went head to head in their final debate last night – both going all in to win over voters days out from the state election.

Held at the Penrith Panthers leagues club, the Sky News and The Daily Telegraph People’s Forum had the candidates answering the burning questions of 100 undecided voters.

Mr Perrottet was cornered on privatisation whilst Mr Minns was praised for his take on healthcare.

Overall, Mr Minns came out on top – with 48 out of the 100 undecided voters siding with the labor leader, 32 siding with Mr Perrottet and the remaining 20 staying on the fence.

Student opinions: What election issues matter to you?

Video edited by Tatiya Kuleechuay – Thur 23 March


Protests rock Latham’s Church address

Pranav Harish – Wed 22 March

Two people have been arrested after a confrontation between hundreds of people and a group protesting a speech by NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham.

Protestors from the Community Action for Rainbow Rights group gathered outside St Michael’s Church in Belfield yesterday to protest an anti-trans speech by Mr Latham at the church.

The LGBTQI+ activists claimed that rocks and bottles were hurled at them by a counter-protest group who had gathered outside the church.

Mr Latham has condemned the violence on social media.

NSW Labor pledges new toll deals

Christine Lee – Wed 22 March

Labour has proposed to reveal the full cost of existing toll contracts if they come into the power this election.

Labor leader Chris Minns said he will table into Parliament the details of existing toll contracts between the state government and the private sector.

“If these toll road contracts were so good for the NSW public, why wouldn’t the government want them released? We want to make sure that the information is out there so we can make good decisions about contracts,” said Chris Minns, during a press conference at Moorebank.

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has said the deals made by the state government were critical in unlocking revenue to build key infrastructure.


Main image by Rodger Liang