No aspect of society has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sydney's iconic 14km 'City 2 Surf' run was no exception. The event's organisers figured out a way to make the event virtual, while still allowing runners to cover the full distance of 14km. Mark Kriedemann captured this unusual moment in sport on camera.

On September 4 City 2 Surf organisers announced that the annual event would not be going ahead due to coronavirus restrictions. That marks the first time in the event's 50 year history that it had been cancelled.

However, to provide runners with the opportunity to run the event on its 50th anniversary, it was redesigned to become a virtual event.

It cost $39 for adults and $20 for children to enter. Entries opened on August 13.

The event ended last weekend, beginning at 6am on Friday October 16, and wrapping up at 6pm October 18.

Using the City2Surf virtual app, runners were able to verify that they had run the full 14 kilometer distance.

Over the past weekend, the streets of Sydney have therefore been filled with runners recording their performance over whatever route they preferred.

Performances were even recorded beyond Australia's borders in countries including New Zealand, England, Honl Kong, and Japan.

However, some still chose to run as close to the official course as possible, which includes the infamous Heartbreak Hill winding up from Rose Bay to Vaucluse.

The City2Surf app allowed runners to participate in the 50th anniversary event

The uneven topography of Sydney's streets provided a challenge for many runners completing the virtual City2Surf

A man takes advantage of his free choice of City2Surf route by running the infamous Heartbreak Hill downhill

A woman runs along the Rose Bay promenade, one of the flatest sections of the official route.

An older man makes a strong effort passing along the Rose Bay promenade

A woman passes the Rose Bay Yacht Club not long before climbing Heartbreak Hill

Two young men crest one of the steepest sections of the route passing Kambala School

Two women pace each other past Kambala School

A man begins his climb up Heartbreak Hill after passing by the Rose Bay shops

A man preserves his momentum crossing a road without pausing while battling up Heartbreak Hill

A man strides past Kincoppal School into the final section of Heartbreak Hill

A man relishes a downhill section of his run

A pair of runners find some softer ground as they run down towards Rose Bay

A man runs along the Rose Bay promenade to put this year's City2Surf behind him

— Mark Kriedemann, @KriedemannMark