The Federal Government is seriously considering nuclear power for the first time in a decade.

That means energy generation and use in Australia could be in for an overhaul.

Queensland Nationals Keith Pitt and Senator James McGrath successfully pushed for the government to investigate the feasibility of nuclear power generation, arguing it promises emission-free and 24/7 power.

But how would it work?

(Source: World Nuclear Org.) 

The growing need for power across the globe, as well as the fear of global warming, means traditional forms of energy – like coal power – are being reconsidered.

But is nuclear power really on the cards for an Australia? Take a listen.


Nuclear campaigners want this ban lifted and for nuclear power to be considered on its merits.

But the Friends of the Earth Organisation disagrees, citing Australia’s history of nuclear “racism”.

(Source: Friends of the Earth)

The Morrison government is currently considering the merits of setting up a parliamentary inquiry to explore the economic, environmental and safety implications of nuclear energy.

If it goes ahead, the inquiry would need to consider the disasters at Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island, which are deeply rooted in the global memory.

– Story, podcast and graphics by Katarina Dapcevic