Sydney’s CBD has hosted yet another protest, in a week in which abortion rights and temporary protection visas have already been brought to the fore.

Yesterday’s climate change rally saw protestors occupy the lobby and entrance to GHD’s Sydney headquarters in Castlereagh Street.

They were hoping to pressure the engineering company into rethinking its business relationship with the controversial Adani coal mine in Queensland.

GHD is a privately owned company, which operates over five continents.

On its website, it claims to be “committed to sustainable development’ and to improving the physical, natural and social environments” of the communities in which it operates.

Organised by Extinction Rebellion, the protestors sang songs on the footpath; chanted in the lobby; and spoke to GHD’s Sydney Manager Rory Waddell.

Just last month, GHD’s community partnership organisation Engineers Without Borders, quietly ended its relationship with the company, over Adani.

In an emailed statement, CEO Eleanor Loudon explained: EWB’s view is that GHD’s involvement in the Adani Mining Carmichael coal mine project, is at odds with our partnership criteria.”

But GHD’s website still boasts a philanthropical connection to the charity.

A company spokesperson told Central News that the GHD’s relationship with the Adani project is not a “conflict”, as they are “working to help a world transition to a sustainable future while also assisting fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emitting industries’.

You can read more about GHD’s position on Adani, on its website.

– Toni Ambrogetti