Hundreds of students and workers have again united for what’s become an all-too-familiar sight on the streets of Sydney, a protest against government inaction on climate policy.

Friday’s (August 9) march began at Town Hall and culminated on the steps of NSW parliament.

Onlookers pressed against the glass windows of Sydney’s skyscrapers to witness the sea of protesters armed with flags and banners, as they momentarily stopped traffic. The sense of urgency in their message was enhanced by the extreme winds that pushed through the crowd – whipping their flags into a fury.

As marchers neared Macquarie Street they were met by a line of police, including four on horseback. Event organisers instructed the group to sit in an act of peaceful protest as they spoke of their disappointment in the state government.

Police began to move the crowd on after 20 minutes with marchers re-grouping in Martin Place.

A succession of climate protests is expected in the lead-up to the Global Climate Strike on September 20.

— Madeleine Achenza