Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic various commentators and public figures have derided the actions of the Australian government’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus, because of the impact it has had on the economy.

Speaking at the Policy Exchange think tank in London, in September, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott criticised ‘health dictatorships‘, he said “It’s a bad time for anyone with the virus, but it is also a bad time for people that would rather not be dictated to by officials, however well meaning”

“In this climate of fear it was hard for governments to ask ‘how much is a life worth?’ because every life is precious, and every death is sad, but that has never stopped families sometimes electing to make elderly relatives as comfortable as possible while nature takes its course.”

Media commentator Miranda Devine said on Fox News, “It’s incredibly selfish of older people or neurotic people who are timid and afraid and won’t come out of their basements to confine children and young people to miss out on the most important part of their lives.”

The science is clear. According to NSW Health people 65 and older with chronic medical conditions and those who are 70 and older are at a higher risk of serious illness if they are infected with coronavirus. So, why are we having a debate about whether the elderly are worth saving?

Judge for yourself.

Hilton Harmer OAM, 81

Provides food and goods to asylum seekers, those doing it tough and the homeless

Sandra Bedding, 67

Teaches English to refugees and visits people in Nursing Homes

David Scott, 70

Secretary, Records Officer, occasional handyman at Campbelltown City Hockey Club

Lindy Myers, 69

President Balgowlah Rotary Club, raising money for local youths

 Dylan Crismale | @dcrismale