by Mark Kriedemann









The affluent suburb of Potts Point in Sydney's east joined the list of COVID-19 hotspots at the end of July, when health authorities found three cases of the deadly virus. More cases were subsequently found in restaurants and a local gym, bringing the number to seven. It prompted the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, to plead with residents to wear face masks. In the days since, many Potts Point residents have followed her advice, but just as many have not - as photographer Mark Kriedemann discovered.
 A nurse attends to people waiting in line at the Rushcutters Bay Park COVID-19 clinic, set up by St Vincents Hospital following the announcement of positive cases in the areas. In a statement, NSW Health said: "... all people who live in or have visited the Potts Point area in the past two weeks [should] get tested if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 at all, even the mildest of symptoms such as a runny nose or scratchy throat."
A woman stands not far from the COVID-19 clinic on Darlinghurst St in Kings Cross, following testing.
A woman on the 325 bus reads the newspaper, while travelling alongside other mask-wearers on an almost empty bus.
A passenger on the 324 bus. The majority of passengers are wearing a mask.
A woman walks down Darlinghurst Street past the iconic El-Alamein fountain in Kings Cross.  
A more stylish mask being worn on the T4 line from Kings Cross station.
More passengers on the T4 line leaving Kings Cross station.
A woman walks along the Rushcutters Bay Park foreshore, approximately 200m from the testing clinic.
A checkered mask spotted on Bayswater Rd.
A boy wears one of the ubiquitous blue masks near the Kings Cross Hotel.
Two men chat at the north end of Kings Cross' Springfield Avenue.   
A man walking his dog down Elizabeth Bay Road, wears a heavy protection black cotton mask.
A lone mask-wearer walks past the Potts Point Hotel.
A Scramble and Bean food cart attendant, cheerfully serves customers along the border of Reginald Bartley Oval in Rushcutters Bay Park.

— Mark Kriedemann @KriedemannMark  and