After weeks of existing under a pall of bushfire smoke the Forster-Tuncurry area has exemplifed the ability of the Australian bush to rejuvenate after the recent bushfire devestation. Wildlife has also returned enmasse to the area, such as the iconic pelicans. Species dependent on their roosts and specific trees such as koalas and tawny frogmouths have also made their way back to nearby sancturies such as Bootawa. However, the resurgence in wildlife may be misleading. The tourism heart of Forster-Tuncurry has retunrned to its normally picturesque state, yet the outskirts still clearly bear the scars of the bushfires.
Serene Forster sunsets betray little of the destruction and drought that has affected the Mid North Coast region.
A tawny frogmouth at Bootawa is one of the residents returning to roost in the wake of the bushfires.
A young koala was another spotted In Bootawa enjoying the Tanglewood estate owned by Dr Frazier.
A much older koala, also in the sanctury of the Tanglewood estate
A stormy evening sky in Forster, which has been a more common sight of late.
One of the many pelicans of Forster enjoying the still waters of he Manning Delta.
An evening sky typical of the Forster-Tuncurry area, which had been missing for weeks due to bushfires.
A broken ash tray at one of the properties in Rainbow Flats impacted by the bushfires.
Regrowth on a burnt tree trunk out on the Rainbow Flats.
The burned husk of a hoe destroyed by the bushfires out on Rainbow Flats near Forster-Tuncurry.
A RFS sign displayed at the entrance of a destroyed Rainbow Flats home.
The scorched ground covered in a bare layer of leaf litter not far from a burned home.
Regrowth bursting from the base of a trunk nearby one of the homes lost during the bushfires in Rainbow Flats.
A local enjoying the clear skies on the coast, which appears almost unaffected by bushfires.
A dog enjoying the humid air at one of the local oyster farming buisnesses, which have continued their operations undaunted by bushfire impacts.
A dolphin surfaces alongside a cruise boat in the esturine waters of Forster-Tuncurry.
Pelicans in abundance by the docks seen from waterfront properties.
A little pied cormorant darting through a rejuvenated landscape in seach of small fish.
One of many dolphins out at sea glimpsed from a beach in Forster.
A crab scuttles amongst bronzed rocks in a rockpool on the Forster coastline.
Golden hour in the rockpools of Forster.
A wattle springing into bloom back at the Tanglewood estate in Bootawa.
A flower hangs on a branch bent by the downpours that have return Bootawa to its verdant self.
Yet more blooms resulting from the rains of late in the Forster-Tuncurry region.
The skeletal bush still yet to undergo recovery on Rainbow Flats.
Waves spilling into the rockpools of Forster give an impression of serenity despite the recent bushfires.
The sun sets on another day of clear skies restored to Forster-Tuncurry.